Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mom's Quilt

I am new to quilting, it is something I had wanted to try for a long time but always felt intimidated by. So, I started out with a baby quilt  pattern from Nancy Zieman's Quilting with Confidence  (I thought this book also had great tips for finishing quilts and cutting, etc - perfect for the first time quilter).  It was easy and turned out great. After that under my belt, my husband's aunt Jil helped me plan a quilt for my mother.

The quilt has a windmill center with a basic log cabin surrounding it. I think the windmill centers add interest to the quilt because they are three-dimensional, rather than flat. I don't have any construction photos, but here are some shots of the finished quilt.

 The fabric for the quilt was also a gift from Aunt Jil.


  1. The quilt is even more beautiful up close and personal. You definitely have what it takes to be a star quilter.


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