Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ornament Exchange

I went to my first ornament exchange last week.  At first I thought I would sew something, but with all of the Christmas sewing going on, it just wasn't working out. Instead I went with a beeswax ornament. This was my first experience with beeswax, but it went really well. The ornaments came out all beautiful and golden, and they smell wonderful!
Melting the solid wax

Mom, thank you for getting me an OveGlove last year for Christmas, it is fantastic for holding hot jars!

Hot wax in mold.

Semi-solid ornaments

Once the wax cools, it shrinks and the ornaments pop right out!
I stamped each ornament with the date right before the wax hardened. Be careful if you choose to do this, stamp too soon and it can really mess the ornament up.

Hang these babies in front of a light and they glow on the tree.  Merry Christmas!

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