Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grandma Quilt Squares Project

I have recently found a bag full of quilt square that my Grandma Natsuye in  Hawai'i  made years ago. This is not the traditional Hawaiian quilt patterns, but something that all my Japanese grandmas made. I love that they're so colorful and scrappy. They're not focused on a fabric scheme and there are multiple textures and weights to the fabric.

There is only one square like this in the bag. I plan on making enough in this patter for a quilt. 
When she passed away my father brought them home for me, along with her crochet needles and a few other crafty things.  Growing up we always had quilts from one grandma or another around the house, even now I have a quilt from another "grandma" in Hawaii on my couch. It's so old that its fraying and I burned one corned of it on the stove in college while heating up (I had the flu at the time).

My understanding is that these are all made from scraps Grandma Natsuye got from the fabric store.  I plan on saving all of my scraps to be able to make squares like this that are really patchy and scrappy. I colorful way to use up remnants.

Below is a picture of the pin-wheel pattern baby quilt Grandma Natsuye made me.

I love the detail here...

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