Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Treats

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I made churros and I have to say that they're pretty amazing. This recipe was surprisingly easy and simple. I found the recipe here: (vegan).

A few thoughts:
-Piping the dough is much easier when the dough is still warm
-I piped the dough onto some wax paper first, this gave it time to firm up and it was much easier than piping directly into the hot oil (as suggested in the recipe). This also helps keep the churros straight, instead of all curly.
-Be careful not to get too much of the cinnamon and sugar on the churros. If there is more than a light sprinkling its too intense (even for my sugar loving husband).
-The amount you see here is 6 batches of this recipe, so keep in mind that it doesn't make much.

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