Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I've started a new quilt...Without finishing any of my others... 

This "Mosaic" style is one I saw on Oh Fransson, I think it looks amazing. I have found the technique to be fun and surprisingly quick for all of the sewing, cutting and pressing required. I think that perhaps I have cut the pieces a little too small, but overall I really like what I've done so far.

I'm not sure yet what color I'd like to use around the blocks in the void space. I'm thinking about a rich chocolate brown, hopefully that won't be too dark.


  1. I love these blocks! And I think brown would be pretty for the sashing. Are you familiar with the Stitched in Color blog? I bet you would like the bottled rainbows quilt-along she's doing.

    I have The Cupcake Cafe cookbook that has detailed recipes and tips for doughnuts if you'd like to borrow it. Just let me know!

    And I was nervous for a long time about free-motion quilting, but one day I just decided to jump in, and with a little practice, I love it now! You can do it! :-)

  2. Thanks Jen! I did check out the pioneer woman blog as you suggested, i think i'll give her recipe a try to...the people in my officehave doughnuts in their future


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