Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Gift Recap #2 - Homemade Vanilla

Each year my husband's family does a stocking-stuffer exchange. Each gift must be $10 or less. This year we decided to make our own vanilla.  The idea came from a link I found here at Whipperberry.  My husband was in charge of label design, I think that what he came up with is beautiful. Here are a few tips we found and some ideas for where to source things:
-Whipperberry suggests vodka as the alcohol, we used vodka in some and bourbon in others, if I were to do this again I would just go with the bourbon, it has a richer smell and comes out darker immediately, which is think is more aesthetically pleasing.
- We sourced our bottles from an online company,, which actually turned out to be located in Seattle, so shipping was super cheap. They have a wonderful selection in all shapes and sizes, I would definitely recommend them.
- Our labels are printed on velum and we used a spray adhesive to attach them to the bottles.
-We did not strain our vanilla, we both decided that we like the little bits in there.

I'm pondering homemade grenadine for next year....yum!

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